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Our products

The Farm produces some very interesting wines, some of DOC Montescudaio (we are one of the founders of the DOC Montescudaio) among which is the white label of "Le Botra" made with Trebbiano, Malvasia and Vermentino and the red "Le Lame" from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The wine is made with traditional art, but with modern technology such soft crushing, containment of temperature during fermentation.

The wine is stored in an impressive wine cellar dating back to 1820, dug directly below the mountain, and
with direct access to a widening of the main road: in the cellar temperature and humidity have optimum values for the whole year to allow rest of the wine.

Reigns a pink wine inspired by a character coming from Puglia that took the name "Rosato dal Borgo", as appropriate recognition to have indicated at the Farm a niche product. This limited production wine is made exclusively from Merlot grapes with a process that the old cellerer never told anyone.

One of the strengths of our production is also fine extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold pressing within
24 hours of, strictly manual, harvesting olives. In addition to a very low acidity, this oil presents excellent organoleptic qualities. When the harvest permit is given a small oil quantity for DOP. The quality is guaranteed, by a long procedural process by the Ministry of Agriculture. Part of this special oil is used in our restaurant and a portion is sold exclusively to Farm's Guests.

Is still under construction a staging point for "riding" where horses can be refreshed and watered while riders enjoy the specialties of our restaurant.